Dreaming of exotic escapes in sparking blue waters meeting fine golden sand, surrounded by lush vegetation? Kefalonia is in your nature. An island of miracles, where you can find all of the above and many more, in a kaleidoscope of choices and alternative ways to spend your days and nights in bliss.

The island of Kefalonia is filled with contrasts, with its imposing mountains and cliffs on one hand, and with the sparkling crystal clear waters on the other. This is an island where you have to take your time exploring it and discover its numerous hidden treasures.

From the north to the south you will be impressed by the beauty of its seashores, sandy or pebbled and always with turquoise waters, the lush vegetation that cover the biggest part of the island, the charming villages with its hospitable and open-hearted residents and the many historic monuments of the past.

One thing is for sure… Its shores and crystal clear waters will take your breath away. A wealth of turquoise blue gems that are still to be discovered lies hidden below steep hills and lush trails along the reach coastline of the island. Accessible by uncharted hiking paths that few locals know, your footsteps will guide you to virgin beaches of unique, exotic beauty. Only the sun, the sea and you in absolute green-blue bliss… Relish the magnificence of nature in untouched landscapes.