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There is no better way than yachting to limitless possibilities to go anywhere your heart desires. Whether it’s breath-taking natural beauty, intriguing historical heritage or adrenaline pumped adventure that you’re searching for, we have compiled unique itineraries around Kefalonia to start turning your fantasy vacation into a reality. Your dream yacht sailing experience begins here. We hope you enjoy the journey. Seven Ionian Queens’ five star service is here to offer you an unparalleled escape where the sea calms and island winds whisper your name.
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Experiencing the sheer joy of an afternoon reach in a 15-knot breeze with the luxury service and pampering of a fine resort! Our exceptional yacht matches performance and comfort. Seven Ionian Queens combines fine yacht cruising with unparalleled personal service and attention to detail. Explore our world. Sail the places you’ve only dreamed of with Seven Ionian Queens. Why search for your ideal yacht vacation anywhere else?
The Team
Dimitri Troianos

I was born and raised in Kefalonia. I’m the oldest son of the family.

My father loved outdoor activities. That pushed me to move on the island. He conveyed this love to both his children and spend a lot of time with us, swimming sailing, water skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing and even building and flying RC models.

My childhood love for the sea led me to marine biology and the scientific exploration of our marine ecosystems and then to my job today as a farmer of the sea. Right now I am the Production Manager of Kefalonia Fisheries, a company that produces Sea Bass and Sea Bream in the waters of Kefalonia. I studied Marine Biology at the University of Genova in Italy and then in 1982 I obtained my first graduate degree in Oceanography from the University of Jussieu in Paris and in 1983 I completed my second Master’s degree in Marine Aquaculture from the University of Caen in Normandy.

My vision was to buy my own boat and explore the beauties of my island and the surrounding ones. The last 10 years my dream is a reality and I’m the owner of a fully equipped motor yacht and my wish is to share this amazing experience with people who share the same dream but don’t have the means to enjoy it.

I feel fortunate to have been able to come back to my home island of Kefalonia and go to work, every day, on the ocean. I like very much being outdoors so I dived a lot, professionally sometimes, I love water and snow ski and I am a keen swimmer. As a hang glider pilot I became member of the Greek national team and flew in competitions both in Greece and in Europe.

My native language is Greek but I speak fluently English, Italian and French so the communication with you won’t pose any difficulties.

Marina Tzouganatou

Marina was born and raised in Kefalonia. I’m the fifth child out of six. My father was a sea lover and he named me after the sea. I spend my childhood exploring with him the secret beauties of the island. At the age of 17 I went to the United States for studies. I’m a gym teacher in the profession but sea lover in the heart.

I had the luck to collaborate- with my return on the island at the age of 21- with the WWF foundation as a volunteer for the protection of the monk seals. For living I was a tour guide for the tourist organization. My skills for watersports gave me a few medals on the kefalonian annual nautical competitions in diving, waterskiing and sailing. My mission is to give you the most you can get of an experience with our boat that you will never forget.

Dionisis Troianos

Dionisis was born and raised in Kefalonia. His father loved outdoor activities.. He conveyed this love to both his children and spend a lot of time with them, swimming sailing, water skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing and even building and flying RC models. That pushed him to move on the island, marry and live here ever since. Dionisis the younger of the two at a very early age started to follow his father and brother trying his best to catch up. He was already water skiing at the age of 6 and had his own optimist boat with sail and outboard at the age of 10. He got involved in many sports: Volleyball, Squash, Badminton, Windsurfing, off road Motorcycling, Paragliding and Hang gliding. As a hang glider pilot he became member of the Greek national team and flew in international competitions both in Greece and in Europe.

He studied Engineering in England and returned on the island to set up a consultancy. He got married to Demetra and they had a little boy Nikolas.

At the age of 32 he had a diving accident that left him paralyzed with no use of his lower extremities and very little use of his arms. Restricted in a wheelchair the thing he missed most was the sea. With his engineering background he started developing systems that would allow him to use and possibly even sail his own boat. When the right boat came along, it all came together and “TETE” became a reality, a fully accessible speed boat.

Now he wishes to share the experience of “TETE” with others, who share his love of the sea but do not have the means to enjoy it.